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Free course avaialble for everyone.

Course description

Deep knowledge of Microsoft 365 has become one of the most highly requires skills on the job market nowadays. At the same time, Office 365 becomes an application updated weekly… The best time to start to learn Microsoft 365 technology is NOW! If you would like to stay in touch with Office 365 evolution you need to have your sandbox to play with apps, review Microsoft roadmap and develop new business solutions. Get Microsoft 365 for FREE for unlimited time to create a learning, test, or dev environment. Start to gather knowledge about Office 365 TODAY!

Course values

Why it is worth to enroll the course

  • Microsoft 365 sandbox

    Get free Office 365 sandbox tenant with full global admin rights. Perfect learning environment.

  • 25 users with E5 license

    Create 25 user accounts with E5 subscriptions including all Office 365 apps.

  • Data examples

    Fill your Office 365 with dummy data: Users profiles, emails, calendar events and SharePoint sites.

  • Unlimited access to subscription

    Learn how to renew this Microsoft 365 environment for unlimited time.

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Course reviews

What students says about the training.

5 star rating

Great free course - Office 365 for dummies

ami diamond

The course provides very clear step-by-step info on how to create the new Office365 test tenant

The course provides very clear step-by-step info on how to create the new Office365 test tenant

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5 star rating

Awesome content for a newbie! :-)

Tony Edwards

5 star rating

Best hands-on training

Kurt Peterson

Best lessons learned are in the lab, and this helps you get there.

Best lessons learned are in the lab, and this helps you get there.

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5 star rating

Amazing course

Ranjithkumar Ramanathan

Easily understandable step-by-step video with clear explanation. People from non-tech backgrounds can also learn easily.

Easily understandable step-by-step video with clear explanation. People from non-tech backgrounds can also learn easily.

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5 star rating

perfect content and with much to learn

Samuel Henry

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Before you start

    • Introduction

    • Join training Community

    • Additional training materials

    • Get to know your trainer

    • How to study this course?

    • Learn even more

    • Homework

  • 2

    Setup Microsoft 365 tenant

    • Introduction

    • ⚠️ Changes in the Microsoft 365 Developer Program

    • Details of Microsoft 365 Developer Program

    • Create Microsoft Account

    • Sign up for Microsoft 365 Developer Program

    • Fill out your Office 365 tenant with dummy data

    • Access your Microsoft 365 sandbox

    • How to renew your subsription

    • Manage your Microsoft 365 Developer Program dashboard

    • Homework

  • 3

    Basic configuration

    • Introduction

    • Microsoft 365 admin centers

    • Manage the user accounts

    • Manage subscriptions and trials

    • Set the Target Release preferences

    • Turn on Multi Factor Authentication

    • Exchange - Add external sender warning

    • Homework

  • 4

    Apps you need to know

    • Introduction

    • Microsoft 365 Usage Analytics

    • Productivity Score

    • Microsoft Lookbook

    • Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways

    • Power Virtual Agent bot

    • Microsoft Bookings

    • Create Power Automate flow

    • Start to develop Power Apps

    • Microsoft Sway

    • Microsoft Forms

    • Microsoft To Do

    • Microsoft Visio Free

    • Homework

  • 5

    SharePoint basics

    • Introduction

    • SharePoint site architecture

    • SharePoint permissions and access management

    • SharePoint webparts

    • External sharing in SharePoint Online

    • Create SharePoint pages templates

    • Multilingual SharePoint sites

    • Scheduling and publishing of SharePoint pages

    • Analyze SharePoint site performance

    • Ten document library features you should know #1

    • Ten document library features you should know #2

    • Integrate SharePoint library with Windows file explorer

    • Send newsletter from SharePoint

    • Connect SharePoint with Teams

    • Integrate SharePoint with Planner

    • Analyze SharePoint usage

    • Homework

  • 6

    Summary and the next steps

    • Completion Certificate

    • What's next? - 30 minutes about Consultant role

    • Prepare for Copilot - New free course

    • Summary

What do I get?

  • Microsoft 365 learning tenant – during the course you will setup Microsoft 365 tenant with 25 E5 licenses available for unlimited time.

  • Lifelong access to the online course – access to the whole course and all additional materials.

  • Access to the course platform – on-demand access to the video training and discussions with the author and other students.

Szymon Bochniak

Instructor Bio:

Szymon Bochniak

Microsoft MVP

As a Digital Workplace Business Development Executive at SoftwareOne company, I help organizations leverage the power of Copilot & Microsoft 365 to optimize their business processes and productivity. I have over 15 years of experience as a consultant, sales leader, and author in the Microsoft technology domain, with a focus on SharePoint, Azure, and Power Platform. I am also a Microsoft MVP and a blogger at Microsoft365 atWork, where I share my insights and best practices on how to use Microsoft 365 effectively and efficiently. I have a monthly audience of over 60,000 visitors on my blog and 2.9K subscribers on my YouTube channel. My mission is to empower and educate the Microsoft 365 community with practical and valuable content.


  • How much access to this course costs?

    Course is totally FREE. You need to register to the get access to it, but there’s no additional, hidden costs.

  • How Microsoft 365 can be free?

    In the course I’m presenting the possibiliity to set up Office 365 tenant using Microsoft Developer Program. That kind of Microsoft 365 environment can be used as a learning, test or developmant space. Access to the program and usage of Office 365 licenses is free.

  • How long I will have access to Microsoft 365

    Nativly Microsoft Developer Program offers possibility to use subscriptions for 90 days. In the course I’m presneting the way how to extend this access to unlimited time.

  • How long I will have access to course?

    You will have lifelong access to this course with all future updates to it.

  • How this works?

    This is video-based course. All lessons are recored and available in the course platform. You need to sign-up and log in to the course platform to get access to the materials.